Prem Singh Basnyat, PhD

Chairman : Nepal Museum Association



Prem Singh Basnyat

1. Surname : BASNYAT
2. First name : Prem Singh (Mr.)
3. Nationality : Nepalese
4. Home Address  : Golfutar Bus Stop, Budhanilakantha Road, Kathmandu, Nepal
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7. Phone : Cell - 009-77-9851133342
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An ex Brigadier General of Nepalese Army (1983-2015), a para Commando  (Special Forces), fought several counterinsurgency battles, also  led  battalion as battalion commander during insurgency at home, with expertise on  museum curator, archive preservation, museum management, heritage management during disaster,  heritage preservation and scholarly  writing on history-culture , life executive member of Military Museum-Nepal, Global Security, Peace building, Civil Military  relation, Disarmament Demobilization and Reintegration (DDR). Authored several books and articles in peace building, trust building, international security, national security, diplomatic history, conflict management, military history, history, heritage, culture, security, and peace, also a visiting lecturer and fellow at the national and international academic institutions.


MA-Human Rights Law : Purbanchal University, Nepal
MA-Human Rights Law : Purbanchal University, Nepal
MSc -Global Security : Cranfield University, UK
MA- History : Tribhuvan University, Nepal
MA- Military Strategy : Tribhuvan University, Nepal
PhD – Military History : Tribhuvan University, Nepal


Membership and Affiliations

Chairperson : Nepal Museum Association
Executive Board Member : ICOMAM : International Committee for Museums and Collections of Arms and Military History
Member : Nepal National Ethnographic Museum , Kathmandu
Member : International Council of Museum (ICOM)
Founder Curator and Director : Only Military Museum, Chhauni, Kathmandu
Advisor : Nepal Aircraft Museum, Dhangadhi, Nepal
Life Member : National History Association, Nepal
Member : Geneva Center for Security Policy Alumni Association
Visiting Lecturer : Kathmandu School of Law, Purbanchal University, Nepal
Visiting Fellow : Tromso University, Norway
British Chevening Scholar    
Member : World History Association
Member : British Military Historical Society
Member : World Security Network


Books Authored
Nepalese Army and the Commander In Chiefs of Nepal
Bhawani Dal Company of the Nepalese Army
Beginning of the Tibetan Khampa Refugee and its terrorism in Nepal
Nepalese Military History – Part 2
Nepalese Army: Since Lig Kot to Present day
200 years of Anglo – Nepal War
New Paradigm in Global Security
Nepalese Forts and the Royal Nepalese Army in Fort Battles
Nepalese army in the Tibetan Khampa Disarming Mission
Bicentenary of Anglo – Nepal War: An Analytical Review
Military Heroes of Nepal

Authored more than 40 articles on history, culture, heritage, internal security, international relation.

Museum Aspect:

Chairperson : Nepal Museum Association
Member : Nepal National Ethnographic Museum, Kathmandu, Nepal
Life Executive member and advisor : Military Museum, Kathmandu, Nepal
Advisor : Nepal Aircraft Museum, Dhangadhi, Nepal
Executive Member : ICOM, Nepal
Member : ICOM
Executive Member : ICOM-Asia Pacific

Museum Training:

Curator’s Basic Course : British Gorkha Museum, Winchester, UK
Curator’s Advance Course : Military Museum, London, UK
Archive Preservation Course : Military Museum, Nepal


Worked For history & Heritage:

National Archives Conservation Team
Nepal Government formulated a team of expertise for preserving the National Archives, consisted the member from National Archaeology, Ministry of Defence (MOD)  and Foreign Ministry in 2000. The archives were stored at the Jaisi Kotha, of Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Nepal. I was leading a  MOD team  for the cause and worked for a year and half. The team identified several old and valuable documents, prepared a catalogue for its handling. Moreover, the team maintained many thousands ruined archives and restored with its preservation techniques. That was big achievement for the country. Finally, the team was rewarded for their hard works by the letter of appreciation form the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
National Heritage Study Team     
The Defence Ministry decided to carry out a research on the forts and castles of Nepal for its preservation. In fact, Nepalese forts and castles consist of temples, weapons, architectures, etc inside and its periphery. It gets high value in its military as well as religious aspects. In other words, forts and castles are the history, culture, heritage and architecture of a country. In this regard, I was designated as a team leader in 1999 and I walked on foot for more than three months for the cause. The forts and castles have been situated on top of mountains and no road access is available. Finally, I made a report with photography, measurement details, historical details, topographical details and possibility of future uses as well. Finally, it has become a book, which is available in the market.
Archives Collection
I am very much fond of reading, writing, collecting, recording the history, heritage and culture, this is my hobby as well. In this regard, I collected many hundreds Nepalese archives, located in the British library, London and other museums too since I was there for Master study from the British Chevening scholarship. Fortunately, I managed to keep at the only Military Museum, Kathmandu as the founder curator.
Founder Curator
Defence Ministry Nepal decided to establish the Military Museum in Nepal, which was urgently needed since there was no more army museum. The Nepalese Army headquarter appointed me as the chief curator and manager for the upcoming establishment. That was very tough time for me and the deadline was given 90 days to be opened the museum. Me and my team worked very hard, up to midnight and finally opened the museum at given time frame. That was my biggest event in my life. The museum has been running smoothly.
Establishment of the Military Memorial
Nepalese Army did not have its own military memorial. So that I personally persuade to the Chief of Army Staff for its establishment. I presented the plan with the type and construction sites for the memorial. Finally, it succeed and it has become a monument in Kathmandu valley.

Participation in UN Peacekeeping Missions

UNIFIL - Lebanon : Dy Operation Officer
UNTAES - Croatia : United Nation Military Observer
MINUSTAH - Haiti : Military Operation Center Chief/Dy

International Paper Presentation
“Importance of Small Museum and its Sustainability” – South Korea , 2017
"Museums and contested histories: Saying the unspeakable in museums" – Bangladesh, 2017
“Museum as the School of Conflict Prevention” – Nepal, 2016
“Museum in Conflict Prevention” – China, 2016
“BICENTENARY OF ANGLO- NEPAL WAR: AN ANALYTICAL REVIEW” – The Nepal-Britain Friendship Society, Nepal – 08 June 2016.
"THE ROLE OF CIVIL SOCIETY IN COUNTERTERRORISM" – The World Justice Forum, Hague, Netherland – 10 July 2013.
"DECADE'S NON INTERNATIONAL ARMED CONFLICT IN NEPAL: REASON TO REHABILITATION" - Institute of International Humanitarian Law, Sanermo, Italy – 29 May 2013.
"FUTURE OF NEPALESE PEACE PROCESS" at the UNDP workshop, Kathmandu – 2011.

Professionally Worked as (Nepalese Army)

Director : Doctrine and Research Directorate, Nepalese Army Headquarters
Director : Research and Development Directorate, Nepalese Army Headquarters
Act. Chief of Staff : Mid Far Western Division Headquarters, Nepalese Army
Dy. Brigade Commander : Nepalese Army, 9 Brigade
Officer Recruiting
(Psychological Officer-TO) Officer
: Nepalese Army
Battalion Commander : Nepalese Army
Army Instructor : Nepalese Army Training Academies
Defense Ministry’s Representative : National Archives Preservation Board
Director and Curator : Military Museum, Nepal
National Contingent Commander : MINUSTAH, Haiti
Intelligence Officer : Army Headquarter, Nepalese Army
Operation Officer : Army Headquarter, Nepalese Army
Independent Company Commander : Nepalese Army
Adjutant Officer : Nepalese Army

Other Trainings






Geneva Center for Security Policy Comprehensive International Security 01-May-16 06-May-16 Certificate Obtained
Geneva Center for Security Policy Weapon Law and the Legal Review 09-Dec-13 13-Dec-13 Certificate Obtained
World Justice Project, USA (Hague, Netherlands) Rule of Law 08-Jul-13 11-Jul-13 Certificate Obtained
International Institute of Humanitarian Law, Italy Non International Armed Conflict 28-May-13 31-May-13 Certificate Obtained
UNITAR-Geneva, Switzerland Senior Level Leadership Management Course 29-Oct-12 02-Nov-12 Certificate Obtained
Security Watch- London, UK Counterterrorism and Securing Asia 25-Jun-12 27-Jun-12 Certificate Obtained
CCMR, CA, USA (conducted in Nepal) National Strategy Enhancement 15-Apr-12 16-Apr-12 Certificate Obtained
UN Interagency working group on DDR (conducted in Nepal) International Rehabilitation Workshop, Nepal 2 days Aug-11 Certificate Obtained
Naval Post Graduate College, CA, USA Disarmament, Demobilization & Reintegration (DDR) and SSR 4 days Dec-10 Certificate Obtained
CPS, Tromso University, Norway Disarmament, Demobilization & Reintegration (DDR) - 2 x times total 45 days 2009 & 2010 Certificate Obtained
MINUSTAH, Haiti UN pre-deployment Course HQ. Staff Officer 2 days 2009 Certificate Obtained
Sri Lanka (Conducted by UK Army) International Humanitarian law 0ne week 2008 Certificate Obtained
CCMR, CA, USA, (Conducted in Nepal) National Strategy Development one week 2007 Certificate Obtained
RMCS, UK Managing Defense in a Democratic Society and Civil Military Relation 6 weeks 2002 Certificate Obtained
RMCS, UK Conflict Resolution field Research course in Northern Ireland one week 2002 n/a
RMCS, UK Disaster Management six weeks 2001 Certificate Obtained
Cranfield University, UK Workshop on Military Strategy of World War II –in Normandy, France 4 days 2001 n/a
UNTAES, Croatia UN pre-deployment course for Military Observer 2 days 1997 Certificate Obtained
DIPR- Delhi, India Technical Officer (Military Psychologist to select the Army Officers) 1997 60 days Certificate Obtained
UNIFIL, Lebanon UN pre-deployment course 2 days 1990 Certificate Obtained
ASPT, India Physical Training – India 1989 8 weeks Certificate Obtained


Trainings - Nepal






Nepalese Army Training School, Nepal Army Officer Basic Course 1983 18 months Certificate Obtained
Nepalese Army Training School, Nepal Platoon Commander and Platoon Weapon 1985 3 months Certificate Obtained
Nepalese Army Training School, Nepal Officer Commando 1985 40 days Certificate Obtained
Nepalese Army Training School, Nepal Officer’s Field Engineering 1985 45 days Certificate Obtained
Nepalese Army Training School, Nepal Accounting and Recording 1985 30 days Certificate Obtained
Nepalese Army Training School, Nepal Para Jump 1987 40 days Certificate Obtained
Nepalese Army Training School, Nepal General Purpose Machine Gun 1988 45 days Certificate Obtained
Nepalese Army Training School, Nepal Intelligence and Security 1989 90 days Certificate Obtained
Nepalese Army Training School, Nepal Company Commander 1990 90 days Certificate Obtained
Nepalese Army UN Peacekeeping Training School UN Pre-Deployment Course-Battalion Level Oct-90 60 days Certificate Obtained
Nepalese Army Training School, Nepal Officer Staff Duties 1991 90 days Certificate Obtained
Institute of Nepalese Army Command and Staff College, Nepal Army Command and Staff College Course 1996 1997 Certificate Obtained
Civil Administrative Staff College, Nepal Enhancement of Leadership 1997 one week Certificate Obtained
ICRC, Nepal ICRC 1997 2 days Certificate Obtained
Nepalese Army Peacekeeping Training School MO UN pre-deployment course 1997 one week Certificate Obtained
Nepalese Army Peacekeeping Training School SO UN pre-deployment course 2009 one week Certificate Obtained







Ministry of Education, Nepal Higher School Teacher's Training 6 months  Certificate Obtained
Nepal Scout Headquarter, Kathmandu Nepal Scout Wood Badge Training 2 weeks Certificate Obtained
Nepal Police Academy, Kathmandu Police Officer Basic Course 6 months Certificate Obtained
Nepal Police Academy, Kathmandu Police Command course 39 days Certificate Obtained

Hobby: Jugging, Scholarly Research, Reading.
Motto: “Nation First”
Countries Visited
India, Hong Kong, Tibet, Singapore, Thailand, Cambodia, Sri Lanka, United Sates of America, United Kingdom, Germany, Switzerland, Ireland, Netherland, Norway, Sweden, Croatia, Hungry, Bosnia, Serbia, Qatar, Haiti, Dominican Republic, Bangladesh, South Korea, Dubai, Lebanon, Egypt, Cyprus, France, Italy, China and Israel.